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It is generally a good practice to use the Refresh feature on any of the Easy Dental modules if you want to make certain you have the most current information.

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Applications On the sidebar to the left there will be a list of applications to which the User is assigned.

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I want to use the copy feature of the psychotherapy notes but only get a partial list to copy to I have gone to the personal data section and assigned a group name.

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To deselect all security options for the user, click Remove All.

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Figure 2-1 Sample Business Rules for Progress Notes.

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Closing the Appointment Book while the Continuing Care List loaded caused an error and locked the system.

Fax Inbox Fax Inbox Folder icon displays list of facilities.

A list of prescription drugs covered by a prescription drug plan or another.

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Unauthorized use is prohibited Announcements The Announcements page displays announcements that are generated through the Vision Announcements Widget.

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