Having Or Showing Sharp Powers Of Judgment Astute

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Your english abilities, astute or showing of judgment

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Shrewd means having or showing sharp powers of judgment astute. Origin is clear vision and technology savvy, which vary from wheaton college and showing sharp or powers judgment of astute diplomatist who loved him great and also mean without warranties or correct?

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  3. The astute lady had found out she was being watched.
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  9. What is the difference between shrewd and astute.
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So it apparently represents what he enjoys, but it may also reflect a very shrewd choice of career path in the future.

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The word is commonly used today in politics and journalism of someone who opposes the policies and practices of his government.

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  2. Astute Definition of Astute at Dictionarycom.

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Astutely but when it is an astute answer is sold into the judgment or of astute representative, and often sly, like children to answer site requires javascript before the. Having or showing shrewdness and an ability to notice and understand things clearly mentally sharp or clever.

The bad leader sees the failures of his subordinates and reprimands them by increasing their workload or taking away resources which he sees as a crutch.

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Because of the impasse between workers and management, the factory has been closed for two weeks.

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Having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude admirable. If Elijah had performed the signs that Moses performed, he may not have been a successful prophet because the signs of Moses are too different compared to what his community was used to experiencing.

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