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Learn how much you have to pay on import taxes and duties when importing to the US.

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With effect from 1 August 201 the charge for each import and export declaration will be capped at 200 The cap will apply to goods imported exported or re-exported to and from Hong Kong on or after 1 August 201.


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  • Customs & Taxes When Importing from China China Importal.
  • Vessels to and from Hong Kong and Macao or the English name of the ship.
  • For example you would declare alterations made in a foreign country to a suit.
  • The declaration of goods submitted to customs authorities can be done by Internet.
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Broker will make a SAC declaration on your behalf on a fee for service basis.

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If customs selects cargo for inspection delays and additional fees can occur.


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Import and Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. Customs Duty Information US Customs and Border Protection.