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An Evolutionary Theory of Democracy DukeSpace.

Tides of Consent Paper Words Mar 13th 5 Pages In American politics public opinion is mostly a latent force that.

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Our analyses using this measure indicate that people high in political expertise are more likely to approach politics in an ideological fashion when they are also high in the need to evaluate.

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Kemp Partners is a strategic consulting firm headed by former Congressman, Cabinet Secretary and Vice Presidential candidate Jack Kemp.

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Tides of Consent How Public Opinion Shapes American Politics.

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House or Senate have easy access to regular polling in their districts or states, or the degree to which they use national polling data to estimate of the opinions of their constituents.

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On an abstract left-right-dimension and attitudes towards concrete policies Stimson 2004.

1 Opinion Flows James A Stimson University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Publisher Cambridge University Press DOI.

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CQ Press is your first source for information on politics, policy, and people.

Examining Legislative Cue-Taking in the US Senate political.

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Political Science Quarterly Vol 120 No 4 Wiley Online Library.

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Erikson Robert S Michael B MacKuen and James A Stimson 2002.

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