Breakdown Of A Cartel Agreement

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While game theory is important to understanding firm behavior in oligopolies, it is generally not needed to understand competitive or monopolized markets.

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Some cartels are formed to influence the price of legally traded goods and services, while others exist in illegal industries, such as the drug trade.

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Instead, it often signifies entry or the integration of previously distinct markets.

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Scholars also disagree over whether the antitrust laws should attempt to deal with this phenomenon.

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There are mainly two problems which make such an analysis a challenging task.

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When effective, these practices cause rivals to exit the market or to curb their competitiveness.

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Third, what methodological approaches are best designed to answer these questions?

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They instead wished to suppress competitive pressure to meet prices of rivals.

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For example, the target of the cartel in the Santa Clara County Motor Vehicle Dealers case was the San Jose Mercury News newspaper that published information that permitted consumers to shop more effectively.

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Some customers, such as those who wanted to sell their gems, also had an incentive to want the appraised price to be higher than their gem was worth, so they also might have wanted an inaccurate appraisal.

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Only two firms A and B are assumed in the oligopolistic industry that form the cartel.