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For example, images of people of color may be more salient to the average White participant because of unfamiliarity, whereas negative words may be more salient in general because of their affective nature.

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If we are litigators, these biases can impact how we pick juries, how we assemble our legal team, how we prepare our cases, how we deal with our clients and witnesses, and how we interact with our colleagues.

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It is crucial for MPA students to study the way both explicit and implicit bias affect workplace diversity.

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For example, the word NURSE is recognized more quickly following the word DOCTOR than following the word BREAD.

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Implicit biases are unintentional subliminal beliefs or attitudes that affect our understanding actions and decisions in an unconscious manner.

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General good versus bad bias was the most common method used to assess bias; however, some studies attempted to tap more nuanced forms of bias in terms of compliant versus noncompliant, cooperative versus uncooperative, and high versus low quality of care.

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For example research on implicit memory demonstrates that even when a person can not voluntarily explicitly retrieve a memory that person's behavior. Any exploration of implicit bias must be situated as part of a larger conversation.