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Avascular Necrosis Of Femoral Head Mri Protocol

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The younger than those patients reported history to surgical intervention prior chemical treatment protocol of avascular necrosis femoral mri had several skeletal dysplasia. Although, on comparison with historical control, this therapy gave earlier relief in pain and shortened the natural history of the disease.

Therefore, surgical intervention remains the only treatment option for the sequalae of AVNOFH. In stage III, there is subchondral collapse or flattening of femoral head.

If restoration of blood supply does not occur promptly, this will lead to the progressive death of osteocytes followed by the collapse of the articular surface, and eventually by degenerative arthritis.

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Lee K, Goodman SB. Takao M, Sugano N, Nishii T, Miki H, Sato Y, Tamura S, et al.

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