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Wilson Community College, through the Coastal Plain Law Enforcement Training Center, continues its commitment of providing quality law enforcement training to meet the needs of the law enforcement officers in the eastern region of our state.

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Learn Criminal Justice online with courses like Hot Topics in Criminal Justice.

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This course focuses on increasing awareness of the risks inherent in pursuits and pursuit driving.

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But only recently have law enforcement agencies begun to examine the impact of gender differences on job performance.

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This module is designed to assist new IP crime law enforcement officers to develop their understanding of the concepts of IP crime and what constitutes Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Crime, as well as learn the key terms used.

Trainings address illegal cruelty and fighting crimes, investigatory techniques, applicable state and federal laws and tips for successful prosecutions.

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Studies show that while the majority of people do not lie, they instead choose to omit information.

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No longer are they relegated to meter maid and desk duty.

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Once completed, the participant will be able to recognize the indicators of a CBRNE clandestine lab and describe an appropriate response.

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Topics include the latest guidelines for placing an individual under suspicion or surveillance.

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  • It also explores the prevalence of officer suicide, the indicators of potential suicide that may be presented, and how to help.
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  • Domestic Violence Intervention and Investigation.

Duane Fredrickson discusses the key problems and challenges the team must overcome to work together effectively.

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Topics include understanding of interactions between research led university of an awareness and focus has online law enforcement certificate courses are incorporated into custody.

Our online Criminal Justice Certificate program is tailored to help law enforcement officers and civilians advance careers by obtaining a credential designed to boost their résumé.

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This course demonstrates ways of identifying a potential drunk driver, how to administer several field sobriety tests, and how to interpret the results to determine if a motorist is under the influence.

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It aims to provide a better understanding of how stress can affect decision making and the difference between diverted and focused stress.

And even though the uniform is left home at times, the profession is not.

Medical situations raise a variety of concerns for correctional institutions.

Additionally this course is required for those interested in teaching Modern Report Writing in the basic academy.

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The intended audience for this interactive publication is anyone interested in homeless outreach efforts and specific strategies that have been implemented to address this issue.

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Make Wake Tech your source for Law Enforcement Training.

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Effective survival techniques can prevent the tragic loss of an officer.

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It aims to give law enforcement professionals a better understanding of the importance of effective communication skills to defuse potentially volatile situations.

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The initial booking and intake of prisoners into a local lock up facility can set the tone for inmate behavior.

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Understanding the social dynamics and motives that compel gang operations is critical to preventing gang violence.

Students must be enrolled in the program in order to have previous law enforcement training evaluated.

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Free Online Law Enforcement Training Free Certification.

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